Capture, meet scale.

AI-Native Proposal Management

Streamline your RFP/RFQ management with AI. Write compelling responses and qualify winning opportunities effortlessly.

Write comprehensive responses to RFPs quickly, without the traditional staff resource requirements.
Quickly analyze & qualify RFQ/RFPs with AI. Surface pertinent information and identify the best opportunities.
Proposal Agents
Self-evolving AI for comprehensive, multi-layered proposal drafting and management.
Built for teams. Collaborate with your internal team and external partners.
Your data is private & secure. We never use it for training or share it.
Birds-eye view of market activity and trends.

Next Generation

Multi-Dimensional Responses

GovAIQ transforms the paradigm of Government solicitation responses, using an industry-first reasoning engine which autonomously configure and deploy calibrated agents to deliver dynamic and highly nuanced proposals compared to conventional AI writers.

Writing agents.
Autonomously configures to align with the specific needs of a proposal, selecting its role and strategy through self-reasoning. The agent continuously iterates its responses, reevaluates its processes, and refines its approach. This ensures that every section of the proposal is thoroughly addressed with a fully resolved response.
Manager agents.
Agents augment traditional proposal management by aligning components with win themes and compliance, ensuring comprehensive and compelling submissions. They dynamically adapt and refine strategies, delivering precise, impactful proposals tailored to each solicitation's unique requirements.
Copilot Agent

Built For Teams

Collaboration is key to proposal success. GovAIQ is designed to help you and your team work together to win more business.

Our platform enables your team to collaborate effectively, integrating everyone's expertise to efficient proposal pipelines.
TA / JV Partners
Create unlimited teams and facilitate seamless collaboration with teaming partners, enhancing coordination and project execution.
Proposal Consultants
Invite third-party consultants into your teams for expert input and enhanced proposal quality.
Your Goals
Delivering value to the Government is all about teamwork. With our platform, there's no limit to how many teams or members you can invite.

G2X Labs

G2X Labs brings the latest in AI and deep learning directly to your toolkit, exclusively for G2X Business & Enterprise subscribers. Here, you gain early access to technologies crafted to refine and enhance your firm's capabilities in the competitive world of Government contracting.